Preferred Infrastructure, Inc.


Sedue is a comprehensive search platform that can address the various requirements of a search system.

Underneath the web services that we use daily are a wide range of data that needs to be stored. Within corporations, Word, Excel and email data are also stored and the volume of such is growing everyday. This kind of data is not only just stored but also “searched” for.

To be able to “search” for relevant information, a search engine that can flexibly import data from numerous data sources (databases, file repositories, etc.) and perform search operations at a high speed against big data is needed.

Sedue is an information retrieval solution developed by Preferred Infrastructure with the aim to quickly and easily search/extract information from large volumes of data.

It features full-text searching and recommendation (search for related documents and recommend documents based on search history/patterns) features. In addition, it can import data in real-time.

Up to now, separate products or solutions were required to satisfy different search operations but with Sedue, all operations can be performed on a single platform.