Preferred Infrastructure, Inc.


Sedue supports the following features:

Full-text Search

  • Basic Features
    • Full-text search based on keywords (complete without any leaks)
    • Boolean search operators (“and”, “or”, “not”)
    • Normalize search target documents and queries
    • Filter search results according to meta information
    • Generate snippets (highlight area around search keywords)
    • Support indexing method
      • Inverted file
      • N-gram
      • Suffix Arrays
      • Compressed Suffix Arrays
  • Scoring/Sorting function
    • Scoring and sorting based on user specified meta information
    • Multiple sorting conditions
    • Scoring (tf-idf) based on keyword frequency
    • Scoring (BM25) based on document length and keyword frequency
    • Scoring based on spaces between words
    • Add/Customize scoring algorithm according to a user defined script
  • Search navigation
    • Drill down function
    • Synonym expansion using the included synonym dictionary
    • Use user defined dictionaries
    • “Did you mean” function (display suggestion for misspelled/alternative keyword) (option)
    • Suggest function (display keywords while the keyword is being entered) (option)
    • Associative search function (Display related keywords) (option)


  • Recommend related documents
    • Extract related documents
    • Display related keywords
    • Specify keywords not to be associated
    • Use negative words
    • Specify keywords using user defined synonym dictionaries
  • Collaborative filtering
    • Recommendations using user profile and history information

Administrative Functions

  • Import data and manage documents
    • Register/Delete/Update/Add text files
    • Register/Delete/Update/Add XML documents
    • Immediately apply registered information to the index (option)
  • Adjust search results and retrieval method
    • Search request via HTTP
    • Retrieve search results in XML/JSON/JSONP
    • Paging of search results
    • Retrieve desired search results using a template
  • Customize full-text search
    • Adjust scoring parameters
    • Configure/Upload user defined scripts
    • Compare search results before and after parameters are set
    • Specify number of characters in search targets
    • Register/Edit user defined dictionaries
  • Retrieve system status and statistics

System Configuration

  • System Configuration
    • Distributed processing
    • Fault tolerance
    • Dynamic addition of nodes
    • Rolling updates
    • Installer