Preferred Infrastructure, Inc.

Usage Examples

Media Sites

In addition to keyword searches, related articles can be recommended based on the content of the article being searched.

By recommending articles and contents to the user, page views and the bounce rate can be improved. The search settings associated with recommendations are automatically performed by Sedue and do not require any manual work.

In addition, Sedue can apply new articles to appear in search results or remove certain articles from the results in real-time.

E-commerce and Vendor Sites

Using the “drill down search” feature, it is possible to make it so that the user can navigate to a product with a simple click and without the need to enter a search word. Users who visit an e-commerce site may not be familiar with using a computer or navigating the web. Such users can search and easily find their desired information/products with the drill down feature.

Recommendations such as “customers who purchased this item have also purchased these items” and “customers who have viewed this item have also viewed these items” can also be set. Users can be recommended with the product they are looking for without having to perform a search.

Multimedia Contents

Various contents and television program information relating with TV broadcasts (normal TV, cable broadcasts, etc.) can be recommended. TV programs similar to the one being viewed can be recommended and customizations are possible according to user attributes and programs that the user has viewed in the past.

Internal Networks

Sedue is also suited for corporate use where it can search various internal documents such as proposals, presentations, product documentation and others that may be stored all over a company’s network.

Sedue can search for files not only according to file names but also can target keywords inside the files (full-text search function). Moreover, search options can be narrowed down for example by specifying a specific department or file format and custom recommendations can also be made (for example, by job type, “Sales”, etc.).