Chainer, a deep learning framework, and its extension libraries


Chainer™ is a Python-based deep learning framework developed and provided by PFN, which has unique features and powerful performance that allow for designing complex neural networks easily and intuitively, thanks to its Eager Execution approach. Since it was open-sourced in June 2015, as one of the most popular frameworks, Chainer has attracted not only the academic community but also many industrial users who need a flexible framework to harness the power of deep learning in their research and real-world applications.

Chainer quickly incorporates the results of the latest deep learning research. With additional packages such as ChainerRL (reinforcement learning), ChainerCV (computer vision), and ChainerChemistry (a deep learning library for chemistry and biology) and through the support of Chainer development partner companies, PFN aims to promote the most advanced research and development activities of researchers and practitioners in each field.



Flexible: Flexibility to express complex models

Intuitive: Rapid prototyping and refinement support

Powerful: Powerful execution speed

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Chainer Extensions

Providing image recognition algorithms and dataset wrappers
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Deep reinforcement learning library

Visualization and experiment management tool for Chainer
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Graph convolutions for biology/chemistry tasks
Chainer Chemistry
Chainer Chemistry – Blog

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