Computing infrastructure for problem solving with deep learning


Preferred Networks (PFN)’s core technologies, especially deep learning, require enormous computing power. To perform a vast number of computations in an efficient way, we currently operate our own computer clusters, more commonly known as supercomputers. Our computer clusters are named MN followed by a series number: MN-1, MN-2 and MN-3.


MN-3 is PFN’s first computer cluster that uses MN-Core, a processor developed in-house specifically for deep learning. MN-3 started operating in May 2020.

MN-2 is the first GPU cluster built and managed solely by PFN. MN-2 started operating in July 2019.

MN-1 is a GPU computer cluster that NTT Communications operates exclusively for PFN. The MN-1 cluster has two generations: MN-1 operating since September 2017 and MN-1b operating since July 2018.

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